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Project Details

Name : Bougainvillea

Category : Architecture Interiors

Stage: Completed

Location: Raipur


The project has Built up Area of  1600 sq. Ft. The Entrance of the villa is decorated with a dummy window with rose gold tinted mirror, giving a vintage appeal. Regardless of the size, the living room should be able to function as a space for relaxation and entertainment. Brick texture is given to the wall which provides a neutral background for the brightly colored upholstery. Printed tiles and wooden flooring is given to separate living from dining, allowing interesting pieces to stand out giving vintage and contemporary feel to the place.

Open Pooja Room is divine at home, radiating positive energy and aura. The water body brings natural feel to the Mender.

 The interior was remodeled to create an open living area that blends into the kitchen and dining area.  Open kitchen narrates a story about togetherness, about family and gatherings.

 The striking feature through these spaces is the presence of ample natural light, brought in via skylight, which is used to give the home a warm and fresh feel.  Apart from tempering the climate, the skylight helps set a passive ventilation system for the house. 

 The master bedroom features these M.S. glass frames with gorgeous self-printed curtains, giving a view to the living room .Lower bed with charcoal leather upholstery, giving a masculine touch which is enhanced by warm lighting, giving a wider look to the room. Filler slab is used in the terrace to give a raw feel to the space which also brings down the temperature. Pine wood is used in furniture, wood works with simple and straight craftsmanship. In the Guest Bedroom, a wooden texture laminate has been used, with light colored curtains, to give a modern yet contemporary look.

 Boys dream about being a superhero, therefore the the theme of the bedroom is derived from the kids favorite character ‘Batman’. Which is the center piece in the bedroom. The study table has a chalkboard backdrop for scribbling. Speaking about the wall décor black and white strips are painted on the walls.