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Mr. Ritesh Bhawnani

Mr. Ritesh Bhawnani

Project Details

Name : Mr. Ritesh Bhawnani

Category : Architecture Interiors

Stage: Completed

Location: Sapphire Greens,Raipur


The Site is Situated in Sapphire Greens ,Raipur which is  west facing. A 5 bedroom bungalow residence is spread over 2400 sq. ft. shared by a family of 8 members. The Ground floor comprises of all the semi private areas along with a bedroom  where as upper floors consist of 3 bedrooms on first floor with a terrace and a Master bedroom on second floor equipped luxury amities such as Spa and Jacuzzi. All the floors are linked with a common staircase and a lift. The façade of the bungalow is designed using bold textures and colours to keep it energetic and gritty. Enormous  windows  permits maximum daylight into the rooms keeping it well ventilated and hence reducing the use of passive recourses. End mass of the residence encasing the living area is constructed combing walls and glass in an alternate pattern to associate the client with nature and at the same time sets a design statement. Each space is designed with a unique character to create engaging ambience. Terrace on the first floor is covered with alluring pergola from the top , making wonderful play of light and shadow throughout the day, where the owner rest and let go off the day.